About the DRA certification

The DRA certification scheme has been established by the Danish Rental Association.

The DRA certification is based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. It is tailored to equipment rental companies, which are required to comply with procedures and standards for quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety. Certification and audit procedures are performed by the Danish independent auditor, Force Technology.

Quality management
The key focus of the DRA certification is the safety and quality of physical equipment rented by customers. The certification covers all major product types, including construction machines, aerial work platforms, accommodation, formwork equipment, scaffolding and electrical tools. DRA certified equipment is required to undergo comprehensive annual inspections at approved workshops. In addition, a large number of inspections of the equipment is carried out by Force Technology every year. The certification is also focused on systemising and checking working procedures and processes which affect quality. This contributes to maintaining the DRA certification’s high standards of safety and quality.
Environmental management
The second element of the DRA certification concerns the environmental management of equipment hire businesses. The certified company must map and prioritize the environmental impact of all major business activities.

Rental companies typically focus on energy consumption of equipment and buildings, general resource consumption and handling of hazardous waste and. The certified companies must set up procedures that ensure that goods and services procured are environmental-policy compliant. Clear and unambiguous emergency response plans must be available in the event of environmental incidents. The objective of environmental management is to ensure a high degree of responsibility and ethics with respect to resource consumption and the environment, as well as to reduce the company’s resource consumption and environmental impact as much as possible.

Health and safety
The third element of the DRA certification concerns occupational health and safety of the rental business. Management must ensure the establishment of an occupational health and safety organisation in accordance with the rules of the Danish Working Environment Authority. In addition, an emergency response plan must be set up, addressing the risk of, as a minimum, accidents, fire, gas leaks, explosions and pollution. At least once a year, emergency drills must be held to ensure that the employees at all times know how to respond in the event of accidents. The occupational health and safety management of an equipment hire business must also comprise procedures for the handling of chemicals, a smoking policy and a guarantee that the relevant protection equipment is always available to the employees.

Recommended by the Danish Construction Association
DRA certification is recommended by the Danish Construction Association – as the certification contributes to improving quality, safety, the environment and occupational health and safety in the construction industry. Choosing a DRA certified supplier is the safe choice – in terms of quality, safety and the environment.